The Information Sciences Institute

The Information Sciences Institute (ISI) is a world leader in research and development of advanced information processing, computer and communications technologies.

A unit of the University of Southern California’s highly ranked Viterbi School of Engineering, ISI is one of the nation’s largest, most successful university-affiliated computer research institutes. The Institute attracts nearly $60 million annually for basic and applied research from federal agencies and the private sector.

Our work ranges from theoretical basic research, such as core engineering and computer science discovery, to applied research and development, such as design and modeling of innovative prototypes and devices.

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Michael Keston Executive Director
and Research Professor

Executive Director (through June 2020)

Director, Computational
Sciences and Technology

Senior Director of Administrative Affairs

Director, Networking and Cybersecurity

Director, Boston Office

Senior Director, Special Projects

Chief Information Officer and Director of Computing and Information Services

Director, Informatics Systems Research

Chief Information Officer and Director of Computing and Information Services

Chief Financial Officer

Senior Director, Strategic Initiatives

The Institute for Creative Technologies

At the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT), leaders in the artificial intelligence, graphics, virtual reality and narrative communities are working to advance immersive techniques and technologies to solve problems facing service members, students and society.

Established in 1999, ICT is a DoD-sponsored University Affiliated Research Center (UARC) working in collaboration with the U.S. Army Research Laboratory. UARCs are aligned with prestigious institutions conducting research at the forefront of science and innovation.

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Executive Director

Director of Finance,
Operations and Human

Managing Director

Director for Modeling, Simulation and Training

Chief Technology Officer