Attention non-CS/DS Students: Our graduate courses are impacted. Students from outside the Computer Science and Data Science Program should work with their home department advisor to determine alternate course options in case they are unable to receive a spot in a CSCI or DSCI course.

Undergraduate D-Clearance

CSCI courses begin as open enrollment during priority registration.  When a course initially closes it will be changed to require d-clearance. Students can then apply for d-clearance for undergraduate CSCI courses using the online myViterbi CSCI D-Clearance Request system.

CSCI 102 Fundamentals of Computation can be requested by students interested in transitioning to CS via a separate online form at: https://tinyurl.com/USCCSClearance

Undergraduate CSCI Course Availability & D-Clearance Policies

  1. The Department of Computer Science will offer the courses necessary for all of our B.S. students to complete the degree program within 4 years. Students are expected to remain flexible as to which semester they take a required course. Every elective course offering may not be available to every student.
  2. It is not within the purview of the Department of Computer Science to guarantee students will be able to enroll in a course with a specific professor or at a specific day/time.
  3. Instructors, course timings, and locations may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.
  4. Closed courses will have waiting pools, with priority going to CS students closest to graduation. Students are not assigned a queue number.

Ph.D. D-Clearance

CSCI Ph.D. students should contact Lizsl De Leon ldeleon@usc.edu directly for graduate CSCI courses. All other Ph.D. students should apply through the Online D-Clearance Request System.  See below.

M.S. D-Clearance

Continuing M.S. students must apply for d-clearance for on-campus CSCI courses using the online myViterbi CSCI D-Clearance Request system.

In order to ensure you receive all emails from myViterbi, be sure to whitelist the USC.EDU domain in your university gmail account: Whitelisting the USC.EDU Domain

For DEN sections, students should use the DEN Tools section of the DEN Course Management System.

Important: Advisors will not process d-clearance via email, phone, or in person.  M.S. students must use this system to request courses. 

Attention: New M.S. Students: You will receive d-clearance and registration information directly from the department about one month before the start of the semester and should not submit requests for courses in myViterbi. The myViterbi system is for continuing students only.

Graduate Course D-Clearance - Important Dates

Spring 2023:

Nov. 21
Current CS/DS students can begin to request d-clearance on the D-clearance system. Deletions will begin to be processed starting January 3rd.
Nov. 28
We will begin to grant D-clearance for current CS/DS students. This will be an ongoing process. Students will be locked into their choices until January 3rd.
Jan. 3

CS/DS students may resume making deletion requests and may now request a 3rd course.

Non-CS/DS Students will be allowed to request D-clearance starting at 10:00 a.m. (requests made before this date will be deleted). We will resume processing deletion requests for all students

Jan. 9
First Day of Fall Classes – D-Clearance granted now will be issued in the morning, and expire in the same evening.  D-clearance will be granted through the 2nd week of the fall or spring semester, and through the 3rd week only with professor approval.  Please note that some professors may choose to close their class after the 1st week of classes regardless of whether or not there are empty seats. During summer, d-clearance is typically granted until the specific course add/drop deadline.

Graduate Course D-Clearance Request Instructions:

  1. Sign up for the online d-clearance system at http://myviterbi.usc.edu. Create your myViterbi profile.
  2. DEN students should use DEN tools for DEN sections and not this system.
  3. All CS/DS students are only allowed to request a maximum of 2 d-clearance requests during Fall and Spring, and 1 during Summer. Students will be notified via email if additional requests are allowed.
  4. Non-CS/DS students may only request 1 course regardless of whether or not the course is cross-listed with another department. Please note that any course you are requesting on the Computer Science D-clearance Manager is owned by the Department of Computer Science and is subject to Computer Science D-Clearance policies. This includes DSCI courses. 
  5. Priority will be given to CS students for CSCI courses and priority will be given to DS students for DSCI courses. We cannot guarantee that non-CS/DS students will get into a course of their choice.
  6. You will receive an email if granted d-clearance. D-Clearance always expires, so please pay close attention to the expiration date in the email.  If you fail to register by the expiration date, you will need to request a deletion through the system. Once that is approved, you will need to re-submit your d-clearance request, which will put you in the bottom of the queue. To avoid such problems, we recommend that you register within two days.
  7. We will only issue d-clearance requests through the d-clearance system. We will not accept any requests through emails, phone calls, or in person.
  8. Course instructors do not issue d-clearance. Do not contact instructors requesting d-clearance. Only contact an instructor if you are requesting a prerequisite waiver. If they approve your waiver request, forward the approval email to viterbiservicedesk.cscimasters@usc.edu.
  9. CS Advisors cannot predict your chances of getting in to a course if you are in a waiting pool. It is your choice whether to wait or remove your request and choose a different course.
  10. If a course's waiting pool becomes too long, it may be removed from the selection list.

CSCI Graduate Course Availability & D-Clearance Policies

  1. The Department of Computer Science will offer the courses necessary for all of our M.S. students to complete the degree program within 4 semesters. However, every elective course offering may not be available to every student.
  2. CS/DS Students may only enroll in a maximum of two 4 unit CSCI or DSCI courses.
  3. It is not within the purview of the Department of Computer Science to guarantee students will be able to enroll in a course with a specific professor or at a specific day/time.
  4. Instructors, course timings, and locations may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Updated Policy for Non-CS/DS Graduate Students

  1. Priority for all CS/DS courses will be given to new and continuing CS/DS students.
  2. While we do our best to accommodate all requests, we may not be able to get you into the course of your choice.
  3. Non-CS/DS students should have a back-up course in mind in case they are unable to obtain a seat in a CS course.
  4. Non-CS/DS students should meet with their home department advisor regarding their course options. Our advisors will not be available to discuss d-clearance issues with non-CS/DS students.

Important Notes

  1. Currently, all requests submitted will not be given a waitlist number.
  2. By submitting a request you also indicate you have read all of the above instructions and policies.
  3. To access the D-Clearance Request System, please visit: http://myviterbi.usc.edu

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I not have a queue number?
The system currently only supports showing queue numbers based on the submission time, which we no longer use.  We will give clearance based on priorities (i.e. potential priorities are graduating Fall 2022, GPA, or a course is specifically required for a specialization). A list of priorities can be found on the d-clearance system course notes. You DO NOT need to request d-clearance immediately when the system opens as requests are not time sensitive.

How do you choose who gets the course?
Requests are downloaded to a spreadsheet and sorted by potential priorities such as seniority (entry term and units earned), GPA, and program of study.  We then select the requests at the top of the sorted list based on the number of slots available.  Next we upload the approved requests back into the d-clearance system which emails the approval notifications. We also concurrently run a process that enters the d-clearance approvals into web registration (which is why it may take up to 90 minutes to activate the clearance once you get the email). At this time we are not able to show a queue number in myViterbi using this method but hopefully that will change in the future.

When do you grant d-clearance?
The CS department processes thousands of d-clearance requests each semester. The initial batch takes about one week to get through, after that d-clearance is granted primarily on Mondays and Wednesdays and is valid for two days.  Once the semester starts, during Weeks 1 & 2, d-clearance is granted in the morning and expires the same evening.

How can I view the waitlist?
You can view the total number of requests pending for each course along with important notes about each course in myViterbi by going into the D-Clearaence Request Manager's "Summary Report" option.

If I am granted d-clearance, which section can I enroll in?
We grant d-clearance to all sections of the course, so you must choose a section with open space.  We do not grant d-clearance to DEN@Viterbi sections.  DEN students must request their courses through their DEN Tools portal and the DEN Office will process their requests.

I submitted a d-clearance request weeks ago, when will I receive a response?
Students will only receive an email notification if they are granted d-clearance. It is possible you may never get cleared for your top choice course so please consider your back up options! If you are in your 2nd semester, be mindful of how many students are the queue, as students closer to graduation may have a priority. If you see the class only has 100 spots but there are 200 students in the queue, you may want to pick a different course.

When will my deletion be processed?
We process deletion requests within the same or next business day. It is not necessary to email the department requesting to expedite your deletion.  Such emails will be ignored.  During the request lock out, deletions are not processed. Check the above dates to see if we are processing deletions.

I registered in a course and deleted my D-Clearance request on myViterbi, will this drop me from the course?
No, myViterbi and Web Registration are not connected. Deleting your request will not drop you from the course. Students may only drop their course by logging in web registration and dropping it on their own.

How many graduate courses can I enroll in each semester?
Our M.S. students may enroll in 2 four unit CSCI/DSCI courses (8 units) each semester. Directed research, colloquium, thesis, and internship units are not counted in this limit.  Non-CS/DS students may enroll in 1 four unit CSCI/DSCI course each semester, contingent on available space. Students found to have exceeded these limits will be dropped from their most recently enrolled course.

Published on June 14th, 2016

Last updated on December 1st, 2022