Undergraduate D-Clearance

All B.S. students must apply for d-clearance for undergraduate CSCI courses using the online myViterbi CSCI D-Clearance Request system.

Ph.D. D-Clearance

CSCI Ph.D. students should contact Lizsl De Leon ldeleon@usc.edu directly for graduate CSCI courses.
All other Ph.D. students should apply through the Online D-Clearance Request System.  See below.

M.S. D-Clearance

All M.S. students must apply for d-clearance for on-campus CSCI courses using the online myViterbi CSCI D-Clearance Request system. For DEN sections, students should use the DEN Tools section of the DEN Course Management System.

Important: Advisors will not process d-clearance via email, phone, or in person.  M.S. students must use this system to request courses. 

Graduate Student D-Clearance – Important Dates

Summer 2019:

April 1
Current CS/INF students can begin to request d-clearance on the D-clearance system.
April 8
We will begin to grant D-clearance for current CS/INF students. A granted D-Clearance will only be valid for two days.
May 6
Non-CS Students will be allowed to request D-clearance starting at 9:00 a.m. (requests made before this  date will be deleted).

We will continuously be granting d-clearance, which will be valid for only two days.

May 15
First Day of Summer Classes – D-Clearance granted now will be issued in the morning, and expire in the evening.  D-clearance will be granted through the 2nd week of the semester, and through the 3rd week only with professor approval.  During summer sessions, d-clearance will be granted until the add deadline of a specific course unless the professor requests otherwise.


Graduate Student D-Clearance Request Instructions: 

1) Sign up for the online d-clearance system at http://myviterbi.usc.edu. Create your myViterbi profile.
2) DEN students should use DEN tools for DEN sections and not this system.
3) All CS students are only allowed to request a maximum of 3 d-clearance for the summer.
4) Non-CS students are only allowed to request a maximum of 1 d-clearance for the summer.
5) Priority will be given to CS students, there will be no waitlist queue.
6) You will receive an email if granted d-clearance, which expires after 2 days. If you fail to register within the two days, you will need to request a deletion through the system. Once that is approved, you will need to re-submit your d-clearance request, which will put you in the bottom of the queue. To avoid such problems, we recommend that you register within the two days.
7) We will only issue d-clearance request through the d-clearance system. We will not accept any requests through emails, phone calls, or in person.
8) Course instructors do not issue d-clearance. Do not contact instructors requesting d-clearance. Only contact an instructor if you are requesting a prerequisite waiver. If they approve your waiver request, forward the approval email to a CS Advisor
9) CS Advisors cannot predict your chances of getting in to a course if you are in a waiting pool. It is your choice whether to wait or remove your request and choose a different course
10) If a course’s waiting pool becomes too long, it may be removed from the selection list.

CSCI Graduate Course Availability & D-Clearance Policies

1) The CS department will offer the courses necessary for all of our M.S. students to complete the degree program within 3 semesters. However, every elective course offering may not be available to every student.
2) It is not within the purview of the CS department to guarantee students will be able to enroll in a course with a specific professor.
3) Instructors, course timings, and locations may be subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances.

Updated Policy for Non-CS Graduate Students

1) Priority for all CS courses will be given to new and continuing CS students.
2) Non-CS students should have a back-up course in mind in case they are unable to obtain a seat in a CS course.
3) Non-CS students should meet with their home department advisor regarding their course options. CS advisors will not be available to discuss d-clearance issues with non-CS students.

Important Notes

1) Currently, all requests submitted will not be given a waitlist number.
2) By submitting a request you also indicate you have read all of the above instructions and policies.
3) To access the D-Clearance Request System, please visit: http://myviterbi.usc.edu