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USC ISI Leads IARPA Contract for developing Hybrid Forecasting Systems

Oct 11, 2017

Project to combine machine learning and human forecasting to predict geopolitical events

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Meeting of the Minds

Oct 11, 2017

Computer scientists, social work researchers and academics from other fields recently gathered at USC to discuss the potential of AI to make the world a better place.

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Protecting The Troops

Oct 11, 2017

USC Viterbi receives $4.5 million to help develop Internet of Battlefield Things

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USC ISI researchers poised to crack the code on reducing workplace stress

Oct 03, 2017

New research to explore the intersection of data, sensors and artificial intelligence.

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Coding the Way Towards the “Internet of Things”

Sep 27, 2017

The IEEE has recognized USC Viterbi’s Ramesh Govindan as being a leader in the advancement of Internet technology in the modern world.

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Twitter Bots for Good: USC ISI Study Reveals How Information Spreads on Social Media

Sep 22, 2017

Study co-authored by USC ISI highlights how positive behaviors are reinforced on social networks

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An extra challenge in a crisis: Dealing with rare languages

Sep 15, 2017

Information Sciences Institute researchers work on the holy grail of machine translation: a universal system that supports the world’s languages — all 7,000 of them

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Smart Oil Fields, a Reservoir of Emerging Technologies

Sep 14, 2017

CiSOFT, a joint venture between Chevron and USC Viterbi, creates innovative technologies beyond oil

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AI for Social Good

Sep 13, 2017

Researchers and post-docs from the world’s leading universities came to USC this summer for CAIS Summer Fellows 2017 and to discover AI for social good.

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Salt and Sand

Sep 13, 2017

Two USC Viterbi Professors are doing uncommon things with very common materials.

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Everything a computer wanted to know about humans (but was too afraid to ask)

Sep 07, 2017

Fifteen years in the making, a new book by ICT’s Andrew Gordon and ISI’s Jerry Hobbs, dubbed “a computer’s guide to humans,” hits the shelves September 7.

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Hurricane Harvey through the Eyes of the Internet

Sep 06, 2017

ISI’s John Heidemann tracks internet outages as they hit Southeast Texas

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How Central are Female Characters to a Movie?

Aug 01, 2017

New automated analysis of nearly 1000 scripts by USC finds stereotypes of women, race, and aging are created and reinforced in films

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Random Thoughts, With Haifeng Xu

Jul 18, 2017

How a PhD student’s algorithm brought order to a chaotic world and won him a Google Fellowship in the process.

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Better, Faster, Smarter: Making Agile Robots

Jul 14, 2017

USC Center for Advanced Manufacturing team comes in first at the Agile Robotics for Industrial Automation Competition (ARIAC)

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Better Than Ever

Jul 12, 2017

ISI today attracts more federal research funding than at any comparable time in its 45-year history. And the growing institute recently opened a new office in Greater Boston.

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Engineering a Better World

Jun 29, 2017

Top researchers gather at USC this summer to work towards using AI to improve the world.

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Pirouettes and Programming

Jun 27, 2017

Natalie Monger, a Presidential Scholar earning a combined computer science-business administration degree with a minor in dance performance, sets the stage for technology and art.

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Monitoring Babies’ Lives

Jun 27, 2017

Researchers at the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy and the Viterbi School of Engineering team up to examine poor motor development in infants.

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Engineering Laughter

Jun 27, 2017

Ajitesh Srivastava, a computer science Ph.D. candidate, spends his free time entertaining crowds at L.A.’s comedy clubs.

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USC Brings in Top AI and Social Work Scholars to Explore Solutions

Jun 13, 2017

USC Center for Artificial Intelligence in Society Hosts First AI and Social Work Fellows Program; Problems Studied to Include Suicide Prevention; Resettlement of Refugees; Wildlife Conservation

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Games bent for commercial success reinforce USC’s position on the world stage

May 24, 2017

The world’s best video game program takes a victory lap at the USC GamePipe Laboratory Spring Showcase and Demo Day

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2017 Viterbi Master’s Student Awards

May 23, 2017

Accomplishments of Viterbi Masters students celebrated in inaugural event

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USC Viterbi 2017 Undergraduate Awards

May 23, 2017

Graduating students from the USC Viterbi School of Engineering were recognized on May 10th at the 2017 Undergraduate Viterbi Awards for their academic, leadership, and service achievements.

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USC Viterbi Faculty Awarded Multiple MURI Grants

May 08, 2017

Grants awarded to support cyber security, advance quantum computing and improve materials for energy use

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Up, up and away at the 2017 faculty and staff awards

May 03, 2017

Honoring the work and dedication of USC Viterbi faculty and staff

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New Early Career Chair Appointments

May 01, 2017

Four distinguished junior USC Viterbi faculty appointed to Early Career Chairs

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A hackathon created by and for women

Apr 28, 2017

The undergraduate-organized Athena Hacks aims to transform the hackathon culture

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Is Physical Fitness Contagious?

Apr 21, 2017

Researcher Greg Ver Steeg partnered with Evidation Health and Google to investigate how online friends can make you fit

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When life gives you a diagnosis, turn cancer into a company

Apr 19, 2017

How Thuy Truong turned a cancer diagnosis into USC’s first ever ‘Hack for Health’

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A Day Ruled by Robots

Apr 13, 2017

USC Viterbi School welcomes thousands of local children to campus for the 7th annual Robotics Open House

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2017 USC Viterbi Graduate Hackathon

Apr 06, 2017

Five teams competed against each other over spring break at the USC Viterbi Graduate Hackathon to solve problems with facial clustering and IoT security

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Autism, Robots . . . and Dinosaurs

Apr 04, 2017

Autism Awareness Month: watch USC Viterbi short film on robots helping kids with autism. Also, a Q&A with Maja Matarić on the present and future of her research.

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USC Viterbi Announces Campus Activities for National Robotics Week

Mar 31, 2017

School marks robotics week with events across campus during April; simultaneously highlights National Autism Month with a feature film on socially assistive robotics

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Four USC Viterbi Professors Win 2017 NSF CAREER Awards

Mar 27, 2017

Felipe de Barros, a civil and environmental engineer, Han Wang, an electrical engineer and Ilias Diakonikolas and Wyatt Lloyd, both computer scientists, win the National Science Foundation’s top honor for junior faculty

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The Most Hazardous Hour to Drive in LA?

Mar 21, 2017

New Data-Driven Journalism project by USC Annenberg and USC Viterbi Will Tell You

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ISI Selected to Participate in New IARPA (RAVEN) Program

Mar 14, 2017

USC ISI leads a team of researchers from Northwestern University, Stanford University, and Paul Scherrer Institute to ensure manufacturing integrity of computer chips

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Ilias Diakonikolas Wins 2017 Sloan Research Fellowship

Mar 10, 2017

Theoretical computer scientist Ilias Diakonikolas has received a prestigious two-year grant award from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

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From 32nd Street to Wall Street, how ‘the Toussaint method’ works

Feb 27, 2017

This engineering student is an extracurricular extraordinaire with a drive towards leadership.

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Alumnus and current computer science faculty wins Academy Award in Technical Achievement

Feb 26, 2017

Parag Havaldar was awarded the 2017 Academy Award in Technical Achievement

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‘We find solutions to social problems using artificial intelligence’

Feb 24, 2017

Lucas Hu uses game theory and computer science to fight wildlife poachers, end homelessness, and prevent teen suicide

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‘We look for a quantitative way to figure out how effective a therapist is’

Feb 23, 2017

Freshman Nikki Bisarya has already become an integral part of Shri Narayanan’s life-changing lab

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Escape Velocity Episode 4 “The Love Algorithm”

Feb 14, 2017

Thornton graduate student teams up with USC ISI data scientists to break down the hidden factors that will help him find true love

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USC Viterbi Reclaims # 1 Online Ranking for Graduate Programs By US News

Jan 10, 2017

Both Engineering and CS graduate programs ranked best in the nation

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They 3D Printed Hands for Children in Syria; Now They’re 3D Printing Eyewear for Children in Los Angeles

Dec 20, 2016

3D printed projects by students get ready to go from lab to market, including one ‘Spectacles Squad’.

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Heal The World

Nov 28, 2016

At the Min Family Engineering Social Entrepreneurship Challenge kickoff, teams gathered in hopes of changing the world through new businesses.

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Paving the Way for Robust Machine Learning

Nov 18, 2016

Team from USC Viterbi, UC San Diego, and MIT Has Recipe for Detecting Outliers in High Dimensional Data Sets

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Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs

Nov 14, 2016

Members of 17 burgeoning startups and their mentors recently met for the kickoff of the seventh annual Maseeh Entrepreneurship Prize Competition.

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It gets ‘Real’ for USC startups

Nov 10, 2016

Innovators at ‘The Real Deal @ USC’ meet their matches with Gen. David Petraeus and fellow investors

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Fake Tweets, Real Consequences

Nov 07, 2016

A USC Viterbi Computer Scientist worries that robot-generated tweets could compromise the presidential election.

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How Daniel Marcu teaches millions how to write

Oct 25, 2016

The “grandfather” of statistical machine translation taught computers to grade SAT essays, now he’s teaching them to grade Common Core

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New Research Center envisions IoT Applied to Personalized Learning

Oct 22, 2016

A joint center between USC Rossier and USC Viterbi might make the ‘Internet of Things’ a staple of K-12 classrooms

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This Time, It’s Personal

Oct 21, 2016

Researchers Greg Ver Steeg and Shirley Pepke have found a way to personalize ovarian cancer treatment. For Pepke, the answers can’t come fast enough

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AI For A Better Tomorrow

Oct 13, 2016

USC Viterbi and the USC Suzanne Dworak-Peck School of Social Work launch a new artificial intelligence center

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USC Viterbi Establishes Center for Cyber-Physical Systems and the Internet of Things (CCI)

Oct 05, 2016

Bringing together top faculty to provide thought leadership on smart cities and to secure infrastructure

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How Often Are Women Seen/Heard on Screen?

Sep 26, 2016

New Software Co-Developed By SAIL Lab Will Tell You

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“Happy Birthday, Bilbo!” said the computer

Sep 23, 2016

A computer just read “The Hobbit”… and analyzed it

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Kelly Sanders and Nora Ayanian are MIT Technology Review 35

Aug 23, 2016

Since 2009, 13 USC Viterbi Faculty Have Been Recognized by MIT Technology Review

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The Love Algorithm

Aug 19, 2016

ISI data scientists get entangled with eHarmony to engineer the perfect match

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Testing Drones and Building Mobile Games

Aug 11, 2016

Students in the USC – Base 11 Summer Mentorship Program complete inaugural session

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Turning an April Fools’ joke into the most downloaded mobile game ever

Aug 11, 2016

How one recent USC Viterbi grad “augmented” the team responsible for Pokémania

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Machine Learning Puts New Lens on Autism Screening and Diagnostics

Jul 06, 2016

New Algorithms Reduce Redundancies, Improve Efficiency and Identify More Specific Behavioral Targets for Intervention

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Ten Years in The Making

Jun 22, 2016

USC Viterbi Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Computer Science Games Program

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The HackLife Diaries

Feb 15, 2016

One CS student, his Prius, 9 cities, and a new hackathon every weekend