The Department of Computer Science offers over a hundred courses at the undergraduate and graduate level.  Some courses are cross-listed and offered in collaboration with other departments such as Electrical Engineering, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Math, and the Information Technology Program.

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CSCI 102: Fundamentals of Computation (Professor Mark Redekopp)

CSCI 103: Introduction to Programming (Senior Lecturer Andrew Goodney)

CSCI 104: Data Structures and Object Oriented Design &

CSCI 170: Discrete Methods in Computer Science (Senior Lecturer Sandra Batista)

CSCI 402: Operating Systems (Senior Lecturer Bill Cheng)

CSCI 455: Introduction to Programming Systems Design (Senior Lecturer Claire Bono)

CSCI 485: File and Database Management (Associate Professor Shahram Ghandeharizadeh)

CSCI 491AB & CSCI 529AB: Games Development (Professor Michael Zyda)

CSCI 530: Computer Security Systems (Associate Professor Clifford Neuman)

CSCI 571: Web Technologies (Adjunct Assistant Professor Marco Papa)

CSCI 572: Information Retrieval and Web Search Engines (Professor Ellis Horowitz)

CSCI 585: Principles of Database Systems (Senior Lecturer Saty Raghavachary)

CSCI 662: Advanced Natural Language Processing (Professor Kevin Knight)

Published on June 14th, 2016

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023