Multimedia and Creative Technologies

The Master of Science in Computer Science (Multimedia and Creative Technologies) is a systems oriented specialization, allowing students to choose from a selection of courses in graphics and vision and/or networks and databases.

Total Units: 32

Required courses (4 units):

  • CSCI 570 – Analysis of Algorithms (4)

Choose 2 of the following courses (8 units):

  • CSCI 561 – Foundatins of Artificial Intelligence (4)
  • CSCI 571 – Web Technologies (4)
  • CSCI 585 – Database Systems (4)

You must take the following four courses (16 units)*:

  • CSCI 420 – Computer Graphics (4)
  • CSCI 520 – Computer Animation and Simulation (4)
  • CSCI 576 – Multimedia Systems Design (4)
  • CSCI 580 – 3D Graphics and Rendering (4)

Complete the remaining 4 units from one of the following options:

  • CSCI 590 – Directed Research (1-2, max 2)
  • CSCI 591 – Computer Science Research Colloquium (1, max 2)
  • NON-CS – Non-CS course (such as EE, ISE, MATH, etc. from approved list)
  • 600-LEVEL – Doctoral level CSCI course (faculty and departmental approval required)
  • 500-LEVEL – Additional 500-level CSCI course

*CSCI 420 should be taken before CSCI 520 and CSCI 580.

A maximum of 2 units of CSCI 590 and a maximum of 2 units of CSCI 591 may be applied.

Thesis courses (CSCI 594a, CSCI 594b, CSCI 594z) and Internship courses (ENGR 595a, ENGR 595b, ENGR 595z) are not eligible for elective credit.

  • There is no cumulative examination required for the degree.
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.00 must be earned on all course work applied toward the M.S. degree and all graduate course work taken at USC.
  • A maximum of 4 units may be taken from approved 400-level courses in either Electrical Engineering or Computer Science; the remaining units must be approved courses at the 500 or 600 level. 
  • Only one doctoral (600-level) course can be counted in the degree.
  • Only one Non-CS course can be counted in the degree.
  • Internship and Thesis credits cannot count as elective units toward the degree.
  • CSCI 590 Directed Research is a variable unit course, and can be taken for one or two units. A maximum of two units can apply toward the degree.
  • CSCI 591 Research Colloquium can be taken a maximum of two times for one unit each.
  • Other requirements for the M.S. degree are the same as set forth in the general requirements for graduate degrees.