Minor in Computer Science

The computer science minor introduces the concepts, tools and techniques that are involved in the programming of computers. The minor prepares students to achieve mastery in several current programming languages. In addition, the student will learn about creating effective user interfaces and how to build applications that are available on the Internet.

32 units are required for the minor.

You must complete the 2‐unit preparatory course CSCI 102L Fundamentals of Computation (2 units) before being eligible to enroll in CSCI 109 (2 units) and CSCI 103L (4 units). Students with prior programming experience have the option of requesting a placement exam to waive this requirement.

Students will be admitted to the minor after the completion of CSCI 102L, CSCI 109 and 103L with a grade of B or better.

Students who meet this admission requirement can email csdept@usc.edu to request admission to the minor.