Computer Science Master’s Student Honors Program

The Computer Science Master’s Student Honors Program (CS_MS_Honors) is a highly selective program that offers outstanding M.S. students the opportunity to:

  • Eligible to apply for a CSCI Teaching Assistantship (TA) Position
  • Meet with faculty and Ph.D. students at various social events
  • Meet with members of the Computer Science department’s Industry Affiliate Program
  • Participate in research presentations to faculty and affiliates
  • Participate in selective career fair activities
  • Register for Ph.D.-only classes (600 level)
  • Register early for classes (Priority obtaining D-Clearances)

The CS_MS_Honors Program not only provides our exceptional students the opportunity to enhance their graduate experience, it also allows them to distinguish themselves in the future whether applying for a job or a PhD.

Upon graduation members of CS_MS_Honors will receive a Certificate of Merit from the Computer Science department and the Viterbi School of Engineering attesting to their outstanding accomplishments.

  • To qualify for the CS_MS_Honors Program students must
  • Maintain a 3.9 GPA for their first 8 units
  • Continue to maintain a 3.9 GPA throughout the remainder of their courses
  • Be recommended by at least one faculty member
  • Provide a personal statement

For questions about the honors program, please contact

Note: This program is open only to students pursuing the M.S. Computer Science. It is not open to Ph.D. students who are also pursuing an M.S. in Computer Science.