Directed Research

Directed Research - Sign Up Instructions

  • You must personally contact the Computer Science instructor with whom you wish to do directed research.  Use the CS Faculty Directory and Research Areas & Labs listings to find faculty whose research match your interests.
  • After gaining permission from the Computer Science instructor, you will need to fill out the online application at: under "Directed Research" to request clearance to enroll in the course.

B.S. Students: Choose CSCI 490 only.
M.S. Students: Choose CSCI 590 only.
Ph.D. Students: Choose CSCI 790 only.

The number of units for Directed Research is determined between you and your chosen instructor.

  • The faculty member will receive an automated email and they must approve your project via the online application system.
  • Do not fill out the online application until you have received permission from the Computer Science instructor.
  • After the faculty member approves your application, the department will approve the project and issue d-clearance within one week.

Directed Research FAQ