B.S. Students

Academic Advisement

***All advisement is currently held via Zoom or email due to the pandemic.***

Your assigned CS Advisor can be found in the myUSC portal under the "Undergraduate Advisement" module.

Advisement for CSCI, CSBA, CSGM, and CECS (Computing Systems) majors may be done in person (SAL-104) or via email with:

Advisement for the CSCI Minor may be done in person (SAL-104) or via email with:

For advisement appointments, please schedule with your advisor via the myUSC student portal. During the registration period, please see the Registration Advisement information and Advisement Schedule.

Students outside of Viterbi interested in changing to one of the four CS majors must declare themselves as Pre-Engineering Students by following the instructions on the Viterbi Admissions & Student Engagement website.  Pre-Engineering Advisors are located in RTH 110 and can be reached at viterbi.studentservices@usc.edu

Undergraduate Requirements