Ph.D. Research Tracks - Fall 2014 or Earlier

Networks and Systems:

Faculty: Golubchik, Govindan, Heidemann, Krishnamachari, Massey, Neuman, Ozden, Psounis, Touch

CS 530: Systems Security
CS 551: Networks
CS 555: Operating Systems
CS 558: Networking and Distributed Systems
CS 694a: Advanced Topics in Networking and Distributed Systems
EE 652: Low-Power Wireless Networks
EE 549: Queueing Theory for Performance Modeling


Faculty: Ghandeharizadeh, Horowitz, McLeod, Shahabi, Zimmerman

CS 585: Databases
CS 586: Database Systems Interoperability
CS 548: Information Integration on Web
CS 685: Advanced Topics in Database Systems
CS 567: Machine Learning
CS 583: Computational Geometry
CS 572: Information Retrieval and Web Search Engines
EE 549: Queueing Theory for Performance Modeling

Software Engineering:

Faculty: Boehm, Horowitz, Medvidovic

CS 577ab: Software Engineering
CS 578: Software Architectures
CS 510: Software Management and Economics
CS 589: Software Engineering for Embedded Systems
CS 511: Personal Software Management and Processes
CS 588: Specification and Design of User-Interface Software
CS 571: Web Technologies


Faculty: Howard, Mataric, Requicha, Schaal, Shen, Sukhatme

CS 545: Robotics (3)
CS 546: Intelligent Embedded Systems (new) (3)
CS 547: Sensing and Planning in Robotics (3)
CS 549: Nanorobotics (3)
CS 584: Control and Learning in Mobile Robots and Multi-Robot Systems (3)

Intelligent Agents and Organizations:

Faculty: Koenig, Maheswaran, Rosenbloom, Tambe

CS 541: Artificial Intelligence Planning (3)
CS 567: Machine Learning (3)
CS 543: Software Multiagent Systems (3)
CS 569: Integrated Intelligent Systems (3)

Natural Language Processing:

Faculty: Hovy, Knight

CS 561: Artificial Intelligence (3)
CS 544: Natural Language Processing (3)
CS 567: Machine Learning (3)
CS 662: Advanced Natural Language Processing (3)
LING 530: Generative Syntax (3)
EE 519: Speech Recognition and Processing for Multimedia (3)

Graphics and Multimedia:

Faculty: Cohen, Debevec, Desbrun, Medioni, Pighin

CS 520: Animation & Simulation (new) (3)
CS 580: 3D Graphics & Rendering (3)
CS 582: Geometric Modeling (3)
CS 583: Computational Geometry (3)


Faculty: Itti, Nevatia, Cohen

CS 574: Computer Vision (3)
CS 674a: Advanced Topics in Computer Vision (3)
CS 674b: Advanced Topics in Computer Vision (3)
CS 580: 3D Graphics and Rendering
CS 545: Robotics
CS 567: Machine Learning

Theory of Computation; Genomic, Molecular and Quantum Computation:

Faculty: Adleman, Brun, Chen, Huang, Kempe, Waterman

CS 556: Introduction to Cryptography
CS 570: Analysis of Algorithms
CS 572: Information Retrieval and Web Search Engines
CS 581: Logic and its Applications
MATH 578ab: Computational Molecular Biology

Brain Theory and Neural Networks:

Faculty: Arbib, Blum, Itti, Schaal, von der Malsburg

CS 542: Neural Computation with Artificial Neural Networks
CS 564: Brain Theory and Artificial Intelligence
CS 566: Neural Network Self-Organization
CS 575: Neuroinformatics
CS 664: From Action to Language

High Performance Computing and Parallel Computation:

Faculty: Blum, Hall, Kalia, Nakano, Prasanna, Reed, Vashishta

CS 551: Computer Communication
CS 580: 3D Graphics and Rendering
CS 595: Advanced Compiler Design
EE 657: Parallel and Distributed Computing
MATH 501: Numerical Analysis and Computation

Published on September 22nd, 2017

Last updated on January 16th, 2020