Sep 26

Speaker: Kai-Wei Chang, University of California, Los Angeles

Talk Title: Structured Predictions: Practical...

Sep 27

Bi-Weekly regular faculty meeting for invited full-time Computer Science faculty only. Event details emailed directly to...

Sep 28

Speaker: Dr. Peng Shi, University of Southern California

Talk Title: Prediction and Optimization in School Choice...

Sep 28

Speaker: Alex Helm, Catrina Manahan, Charles Kuykendoll, Yuandong Tian, Min Li, Qiachao Que, See Biography



Link to Twitter Bots for Good: USC ISI Study Reveals How Information Spreads on Social Media

Study co-authored by USC ISI highlights how positive behaviors are reinforced on social networks

Link to An extra challenge in a crisis: Dealing with rare languages

Information Sciences Institute researchers work on the holy grail of machine translation: a universal...

Link to Smart Oil Fields, a Reservoir of Emerging Technologies

CiSOFT, a joint venture between Chevron and USC Viterbi, creates innovative technologies beyond oil

Link to AI for Social Good

Researchers and post-docs from the world’s leading universities came to USC this summer for CAIS Summer...