Program Educational Objectives and Continuous Improvement Review Process

These charts represent the process that the Computer Science (CSCI) and the Computer Engineering & Computer Science (CECS) programs use to review and update the Program Educational Objectives and the process for considering how ABET student outcomes impact the program curriculum design.

The Program Education Objectives are reviewed annually in a process driven by the ABET Committee (points-of-contact) and the department chair. Feedback is collected from the various constituencies (Alumni, Industry and Faculty) and the PEOs are reviwed to ensure they are consistent with the mission and vision of the University and Viterbi School. If it is determined that the PEOs should be updated, this question is put to the full faculty for consideration and a vote.


The ABET student outcomes are considered as an input to the curriculum development process by the CS undergraduate curriculum committee. The proposed curriculum is approved by the full faculty. Assessment data targeting the ABET student outcomes is collected across various courses and the data is discussed by the faculty at a minimum of once per year. Based on faculty feedback and the assessment data, the undergraduate curriculum committee determines if changes to the curriculum are needed to address ABET student outcome specific concerns. Proposed changes are then discussed and voted on by the full faculty.


Published on March 11th, 2022

Last updated on February 3rd, 2023