Special Topics Courses

Special Topics are unique courses that are only ever taught once or twice.  The topics are selected each semester from recent developments and trends in Computer Science.  These courses may introduce new or emerging aspects in the field, or showcase the research and expertise of the computer science faculty and visiting scholars.

Undergraduate Special Topics courses are designated by course code CSCI 499.

Graduate Special Topics courses are designated by course code CSCI 599.

Doctoral Special Topics courses are designated by course code CSCI 699.

Students should meet with their Academic Advisor to determine if a Special Topics course is appropriate for their specific program of study.

Current Offerings – Fall 2017:

CSCI 499 – Undergraduate Special Topics
Software Testing and Analysis – William Halfond

CSCI 599 – Graduate Special Topics
Automated Reasoning and Verification – Chao Wang
Deep Learning and its Applications – Joseph Lim
Heuristic Search in Artificial Intelligence – TBA

CSCI 699 – Doctoral Special Topics
Introduction to Online Learning – TBA
Advanced Computer Security – Muhammad Naveed
Verification and Testing of Cyber-Physical Systems – TBA
Introduction to Software Synthesis – Chao Wang
Topics in Learning and Game Theory – TBA

Previously Offered Special Topics:

CSCI 499
Concepts of Programming Languages – Michael Shindler
Cryptography – Fundamentals of Secure Communication & Computation – Shanghua Teng
Free to Play Game Development – Scott Easley
Native Console Multiplayer Game Development – Artjoms Kovalovs
Puzzle Games Development – Marc Spraragen
Practical Console Game Development – Mike Zyda
Security Systems – Jelena Mirkovic
Social Game Development – Scott Easley
Theory of Computation – Aaron Cote

CSCI 599
Advanced Big Data Analytics – Yan Liu
Advanced Computer Security – Muhammad Naveed
Advanced Distributed Systems – Wyatt Lloyd
Advanced Game Development – Everett Arey, Khaled Abdel Rahman
Advanced Topics in Machine Learning – Fei Sha
Advanced Topics in Statistical Machine Learning – Fei Sha
Algorithm Design in Strategic Settings – Shaddin Dughmi
Analytics of Social Media – Kristina Lerman
Applications of Natural Language Processing & Information Retrieval – Anton Leuski
Artificial Intelligence for Social Good – Milind Tambe
Computation and Physics – Aram Galstyan, Greg Ver Steeg
Computational Complexity – Ming-Deh Huang
Content Detection and Analyis for Big Data – Chris Mattmann
Convex and Combinatorial Optimization – Shaddin Dughmi
Coordinated Mobile Robotics – Nora Ayanian
Data Mining and Statistical Inference – Yan Liu
Digital Geometry Processing – Hao Li
Effective Algorithms in Machine Learning and Statistics – Ilias Diakonikolas
Formal Verification of Computer Systems – Chao Wang
Foundations of Databases, Knowledge Representation, Data Integration & Exchange – Jose Luis Ambite, George Konstantinidis
Human Communication and Machine Learning – Louis-Philippe Morency
Internet Measurement – Ethan Katz-Bassett
Machine Learning Theory – Ilias Diakonikolas
Modern Distribute dSystems – Wyatt Lloyd
Multimodal Probabilistic Learning of Human Communication – Louis-Philippe Morency, Stefan Scherer
Natural Language Dialogue Systems – David Traum, David Devault
NewSQL Database Management Systems – Shahram Ghandeharizadeh
Privacy in the World of Big Data – Aleksandra Korolova
Security and Game Theory – Milind Tambe
Selected Topics in Data Analytics – Yan Liu
Self-Organization – Aristides Requicha
Service Science – Supannika Koolmanojwong
Social Media Analysis – Kristina Lerman, Andrew Gordon
Strata – Leonard Adleman
Testing and Analysis of Software Systems – William Halfond
Testing and Analysis of Web Applications – William Halfond
Topics in Algebraic Methods of Computation – Ming-Deh Huang
Trends in Cloud Computing and Data Center Networking – Minlan Yu

CSCI 699
Doctoral level special topics offerings became effective in Fall 2017.